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Killdeer veterinarian declares for Democratic nomination for Governor

Dave Thompson
Prairie Public

The first declared Democratic candidate for North Dakota Governor said she’s running to be an “independent voice” that will balance the political discussion in the state.

51 year old Shelley Lenz is a veterinarian from Killdeer. She had served on the Killdeer school board. And she told Bismarck reporters one of the reasons she’s running is to reflect the frustration of people from western North Dakota.

"We seem to be overlooked," Lenz said. "We have created, with our own sweat, blood and skin, a lot of the Legacy Fund. And we're happy to share that with the state of North Dakota. But they're still squeezing us for more."

Lenz said property taxes are increasing, to provide more community infrastructure for schools, roads and bridges, and things like that. Lenz said she would like to see more state resources put into such things are pre-K through 12 education and other programs.

"Let's not just brag about how big our piggy bank is," Lenz said. "Let's have policies that are welcoming to our new families and individuals, which attract new workers to our state in the here and now."

Lenz said as a veterinarian, she is an advocate for animal agriculture. And she said she believes in all forms of energy, including renewable.

She would seek the party’s nomination at its March convention, to be held in Minot.

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