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Jaeger seeks Attorney General's opinion on District 8

Questions still surround what will happen in Legislative District 8, with the death of one of the candidates.

And Secretary of State Al Jaeger has asked for an Attorney General’s opinion.

One of the Republican candidates for the state House of Representatives position – David Andahl – passed away suddenly. Absentee voting had already begun, and Andahl’s name remains on the ballot.

Jaeger said he had an understanding of what the law said, but a number of questions have been raised. His letter to Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem asks some specific questions.

"One, what would be the result or effect of the votes cast for the deceased candidate, and if the deceased candidate receives the number of votes sufficient to elect the candidate, may the candidate be declared as elected, and if so, would a vacancy exist?" Jaeger said. "If that answer is affirmative, and the vacancy does exist, what would be the process for filling that position?"

Jaeger said if it is declared that Andahl won the seat, and a vacancy exists, the district party’s executive committee would choose a successor.

Jaeger said he expects to have the opinion within a week.

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