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Governor's vetoes: One overridden, two upheld

Two upheld, one overturned.

That’s Governor Burgum’s veto scorecard, after the Legislature dealt with the three vetoes.

One of the upheld vetoes was a bill to require grade school and high school athletes to be a part of a team based on their birth gender.

"I believe that this bill is forward-looking," said Rep. Robin Weisz (R-Hurdsfield). "What the body is doing here is setting the guidelines to go forward that everybody understands, for the students in our schools."

The House vote was 68 to 25 to overturn the veto. 63 votes were needed for the two-thirds.

In the Senate,  Sen. Doug Larsen (R-Mandan) asked for a green vote.

"For me it is simple -- men are, on average, bigger, stronger and faster," Larsen said. "We have a WNBA for a reason. To me, this is about fairness in competition."

It needed 32 votes for an override, but it only received 28 votes.

The other veto that was sustained was of a bill that would have allowed the Legislature to introduce and act on bills during the December organizational session. The House didn’t have the votes.

The override was of the veto of a bill that banned the Governor, the state health officer and other state officials from issuing mask mandates. 

"The mask mandate is a local control issue," said Rep. Jason Dockter (R-Bismarck). "Businesses also have the right to decide whether they want a mask mandate."

The House vote to override was 66 to 27.  In the Senate, it was 32 to 15.

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