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Bresciani to step down as NDSU President in 18 months

NDSU President Dean Bresciani will serve 18 more months as President.

After that, he will become a tenured faculty member at NDSU.

That action taken by the Board of Higher Education, at its meeting in Minot.

The Board met in "executive session” before making the public announcement.

In announcing the agreement, the Board did not offer any rationale. But Board chair Nick Hacker had words of “gratitude” for Bresciani’s 12 years as president.

"He has provided, in my mind, really phenomenal leadership in stabilizing NDSU's financial picture," Hacker said. "He has led the effort toward record fundraising, of which we're talking about dollar amounts we've never seen in the system."

Hacker also gave Bresciani credit for student engagement.

"It's been a high priority for him and his leadership on campus," Hacker said.

Hacker also says Bresciani has cultivated deep business and industry relationships, not only in Fargo, but beyond.

Bresciani will be involved in the search for his successor.

A document called the "Term Sheet" spells out that Bresciani will be paid at the yearly rate of $371,380. It spells out that Bresciani will be appointed to a "Distinguished Professorship" as part of the faculty and NDSU's College of Human Sciences and Education.

This arrangement was approved by the Board of Higher Education on a 6 to 1 vote. The lone “no” vote came from the student member, Erica Solberg, who is a student at NDSU.

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