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DPI to update library media standards

Sharon Teeples

North Dakota’s Department of Public Instruction will be working on updating library media standards.

State school superintendent Kristen Baesler said those standards have not been updated in about 9 years.

Baesler said that’s part of the discussion she’s having with her Student Cabinet.

"I want them to take a look at those standards, and say, what is still relevant," Baesler said in an interview. "When we talk about 'fake news,' what can we do in media literacy to make sure our young people are graduating with the ability to discern what is fake news, and what's real news."

Baesler said the student cabinet will also be asked to give its insight on the technology side of that as well.

"We don't hear about the 'next new thing,'" Baesler said. "I think Tik-Tok is ancient now, and there's probably 18 different, new things that we don't know about."

Baesler said Library Media Specialists are often also teaching computer science and cyber-security standards. She said that’s a core foundation of what students need to learn.

"So when we think about computer science and cyber security, we need to start in kindergarten, and go all the way through twelfth grade, to develop an educated citizenry, for something that's part of their everyday life," Baesler said. "The students are going to help me with that."

Baesler said she thinks this is an area that will be updated more frequently, because of constant change.

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