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Some incumbent North Dakota school board members may not seek re-election


The executive director of the North Dakota School Boards Association says she’s heard from a number of local school board members who say they aren’t seeking re-election.

Alexis Baxley said those board members are tired, because of the heightened controversies over the COVID-19 protocols over the past 18 months.

"They've been asked to do a lot in the past 18 months," Baxley said. "No matter which decisions they've made, the criticisms and the controversies surrounding those decisions is never ending. So a lot of them are pivoting, and dedicating their time back to their families or other issues."

Baxley said school boards are used to debates and controversial issues, whether it be school consolidations, sports co-ops and other initiatives — boards are used to that kind of local conflict.

"But the conflict and the controversy has been at an incredibly heightened level since COVID came on the horizon," Baxley said. "It has not let up."

Baxley said those board members are just getting burned out.

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