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Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program funds available

The director of the state Department of Human Services’ Economic Assistance Division said it’s too early to tell if the demand for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program will be stronger this year, because of higher natural gas prices.

The program began accepting applications October first.

"Obviously, the weather has been pretty nice up to this point," said Michelle Gee.

Gee said the utilization of LIHEAP fluctuates based on the weather.

"As the temperatures get cooler, we'll likely see an increase in our utilization," Gee said.

Gee said the state has not yet received its final allocation of LIHEAP dollars from the federal government, but she she expects it will be about the same as last year -- $21 million.

"The program can also assist with furnace cleaning, repair and replacement," Gee said. "It also helps with weatherization services."

Ges said the LIHEAP program partners with the state Department of Commerce, who provides those services on behalf of the program.

Last year, the program served about 12,800 households in North Dakota.

Gee said there are income limits – and you can find those on the website, nd.gov/dhs/services/financialhelp/energyassist.