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Great River Energy to buy power from a proposed McLean County wind farm

Great River Energy will sign an agreement to buy power from a proposed 400 megawatt wind farm, to be built in McLean County.

Apex Energy is proposing the Discovery Wind farm. It will deliver the power through the existing high voltage direct current transmission line, being purchased from GRE by Nexus Line, a subsidiary of Rainbow Energy. That Bismarck-based firm is buying GRE’s Coal Creek Station power plant near Underwood.

Great River Energy director of resource planning Zac Ruzycki said this will benefit customers in the Twin Cities area.

"This resource is a great benefit for us," Ruzycki said. "It will diversify our wind portfolio."

Ruzycki said this provides a great amount of wind resources is a "local to load" mode.

"That's important to us and to our members," Ruzycki said.

Plans call for the wind farm to be up and running in 2025. It still has to go through a permitting process.

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