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Changes coming to two crop insurance programs

Center for Rural Affairs

The US Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency has made some changes to two crop insurance programs.

One is “Whole Farm Revenue Protection,” and the other is Micro Farm.

"These programs are designed to work best for a diversified operation," said Kate Hansen, a policy associate with the Center for Rural Affairs. "In the case of Micro Farm, it's for a smaller farm."

Hansen said the changes are promoting accessibility for the programs, opening up eligibility for a lot more operations across the country.

"In the case of Micro Farm, there was a cap on who was eligible, with only those that made $100,000 or less in allowable revenue," Hansen said. "They more than tripled that cap, to $350,000."

Hansen said on the Whole Farm side, they increased the amount of allowable revenue that can be protected and insured.

"They also made reporting and detail changes, to make it a little more 'user-friendly,' Hansen said.

Hansen said these programs are offered in every state and every county.

"Of course, agriculture looks different across this country," Hansen said. "So, raising that was a really great move."

The changes take effect in 2023.

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