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STEM Kids' Camp Overview featuring Charlotte and Eleanor

Charlotte and her best friend Thea at STEM Kids' Camp
Charlotte and her best friend Thea at STEM Kids' Camp

The NDSU campus is bustling with scholars of all ages this week. Hosted by the NDSU College of Engineering, k-12 students from schools around the area are igniting their passion for science, technology, engineering and math in the annual STEM Kids Camp.

Angela Gross, an NDSU Outreach Coordinator, says the camp provides kids with priceless experiences, and opportunities to discover new interests that they may not have the time to explore in school.

“It allows all the students to mix from different schools, so they get to meet new people and that's-that's good. It's meant to enrich their science and allow them to explore something maybe they wouldn't get to explore in the school a little bit more in depth. They're just in that science class for three hours a day.”

Chemistry was the focus earlier this week. Students made their own invisible ink using household ingredients. Eleanor Fulton gave us a run down on that experiment.

“Okay, so the lemon juice was the ink. So, you see this? This was like the lemon juice. So, we had a cup and we putted some water in it, and then we putted lemon juice in it, and then we putted a Q-tip in it, and then draw. Then it will become visible ink.”

Eleanor’s twin sister Charlotte was at camp too- and she had her own method of concocting the invisible ink.

“Put baking soda, and put lemon juice on the lemon. That's how you make a colorful reaction- thing. Or you could poke it with a fork.”

This camp is special for another reason besides the fun experiments- the big kids have a place too... at the front of the classroom. High school, undergraduate, and post grad students with interests in teaching all help out to put these camps on. Gaining valuable experience and fueling their passions, too.

Some other classes happening at camp this week include Creative Computer Coding, Rockin' Robots, DNA Detective, and STEM in space!

A closing note from Charlotte:

“Hi Mom!”

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