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Armstrong: Current farm bill will likely be extended temporarily

North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong (R) said the current farm bill will likely be extended, as discussions continue on a new five year bill.

Armstrong met with livestock producers in McKenzie to discuss the status of the farm bill.

"We have 15 of 16 appropriations bills to reconcile with the Senate," Armstrong said. "There's going to be an extension — however long that is. The key will be to make sure there is no disruption in current programs."

Armstrong told the producers any attempt toward major changes in the farm bill are probably off the table.

"The short version is, we're trying to keep what works," Armstrong said. "I do think the reality of DC right now, with the one vote majority for Democrats in the Senate, and the five-vote majority for Republicans in the House — I think the first reality is you are going to see an extension of the current farm bill."

Armstrong said he doesn't think Congress is capable of "big, huge, bold, dynamic change" right now.

In an interview with Prairie Public, Armstrong said the good news is that the leaders of the discussions in both parties are working together on a farm bill. But he also said it's still caught up in the tug and pull of partisan politics.

"It's the same fights that are always there," Armstrong said.

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