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ND Congressional delegation working to extend northern border crossing hours

North Dakota’s Congressional delegation has been working to try and restore the hours of operation at some border crossings on the Canadian border.

The hours were reduced during the pandemic – and while some now have extended hours, others do not.

"We've been working and fighting, begging and threatening, cooperating and doing all of those different issues," said Congressman Kelly Armstrong (R).

Armstrong said there are now similar bills in the House and Senate to restore at least some of those hours.

"That brings it back to almost pre-pandemic, but not to 2018 levels," Armstrong said in an interview. "I actually wish these would go back to 2018 levels, but I'm done negotiating and cooperating."

Armstrong said the situation is "ridiculous." He said it is causing a lot of problems for border cities in the US. Armstrong said it has hurt cross-border commerce.

"You talk to people on the northern border who can't get through to conduct normal business," Armstrong said.

Armstrong said he doesn’t yet know when the bills will come up for a vote.