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Campbell to skip NDGOP endorsing convention

One of the declared candidates for the Republican nomination for the lone U-S House seat said he’s not going to the state GOP endorsing convention.

Former state Senator Tom Campbell said he made that decision after candidate Julie Fedorchak said she would run in the primary, whether or not she received the formal party endorsement.

Campbell said others – including a number of Republican legislators – will also skip their endorsing conventions and go right to the primary.

"I'm a man of the people," Campbell said. "I want the people to decide, not just a few of the top elected leaders who want to make that pick. I just don't agree with that — it rubs me the wrong way."

Campbell said it isn't fair to have a handful of the party members make that call.

"Every body's going (to the primary) anyway," Campbell said.

Campbell said he's working on visiting every town and city in North Dakota with a population of over 100.

"I'm turning this election into a contact sport," Campbell said. "I like to shake hands one at a time."

Campbell said it has been "phenomenal."

"I've been very well accepted and welcomed," Campbell said. "It's North Dakota Nice at its best."

Campbell has also launched an on-line campaign.

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