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NDSU career outcomes survey boasts 94 percent success rate

The report also indicates North Dakota residents stay in North Dakota.

North Dakota State University has published its 2023 career outcomes report.

Becky Bahe is director of NDSU’s career and advising center. She says 86 percent of students surveyed responded, and that of those students 74 percent gained employment six months after graduation, while another 20 percent continued their education. She says these outcomes have improved year after year.

"We have a 94 percent success rate, so within six months post-graduation, students have either found employment or continued their education. The median salary has also gone up again, so we're in the $56,000, $57,000 range across the board. And ultimately, we're just contributing to the needs of the workforce in the state. 80 percent of North Dakota residents remain in North Dakota, which is huge - so when people ask, what are we doing to contribute to the workforce - and that's one of the ways."

Bahe says additionally, 40 percent of Minnesota residents who attend NDSU also stay in North Dakota.

She says the majority of students who graduate do so between four and six years, and while some students don’t fall into those categories – efforts are being made to improve relationships with both students and employers. Bahe says while NDSU is focused on fulfilling the workforce needs of the state, it’s also working to make education more affordable so students aren’t hindered by financial limitations.