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Piepkorn seeks Dem-NPL Governor endorsement

Dave Thompson

Fargo State Senator Merrill Piepkorn (D) has formally announced he’s seeking the Democratic nomination for governor.

Piepkorn made stops in Fargo and Bismarck to make that announcement. He said he wants to be a governor “for all people” – and talked about the two GOP governor candidates and the attack ads they have run against each other.

"How would you like to be on a basketball team with a teammate like that?" Piepkorn said. "You know — 'pass me the ball. You never pass me the ball.' I know we can offer an alternative to that."

Piepkorn said he will run a positive campaign, but would be prepared to defend himself, if need be. He also said he’s an optimist – and that could attract voters who are not closely affiliated with either political party.

"They vote, but they're not active in politics," Piepkorn said. "We can appeal to that."

Piepkorn those are more "middle of the road" people, who just looks at the candidates, and what they're saying, how they act and how they treat each other.

"We've got a chance to talk to those people, and get their votes," Piepkorn said.

Democrats i n Piepkorn's district — 44 — endorsed Legislative candidates this week. They endorsed Rep. Josh Boschee to be the state Senate candidate, now held by Piepkorn. They also endorsed Rep. Karla Rose Hanson for re-election, and Austin Foss for Boschee’s House seat.

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