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Fort Stevenson State Park breaks world record

People gather at their fires to roast marshmallows for world record attempt
North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department
People gather at their fires to roast marshmallows for world record attempt

This past weekend, throngs of people gathered at Fort Stevenson State Park in Garrison to celebrate the park’s 50th anniversary and to attempt to break the Guinness world record for the most people making s'mores simultaneously.


"I'll remind you that the current record to beat is 891 people. And now, I can confirm that the final count today was 1,150 people!"

That was Sarah Casson, an official adjudicator with Guinness World Records. She says the record was previously set last year in Texas. At first, she was concerned they might not reach that record.

"So, I was a little worried that they wouldn't have the numbers, since it was such a windy day, but here in North Dakota I guess they don't let a little wind scare you."

Yes, despite the wind, people came from as far as Florida to roast a marshmallow for exactly 20 seconds and make a supervisor-approved s’more. Together, they broke a world record.

Fort Stevenson Park Manager Chad Trautman says there’s a reason they chose this world record to break.

"Every weekend when we work through the park, we see grandparents and grandkids sitting around the campfire making s'mores, and those are all memories those kids take home with them, and the grandparents take home with them. All kinds of family come together at that campfire when they come to the state park, so to simulate that here today in mass participation is just another memory that we created for people, or they created themselves to take home and think about and remember, to talk about for future years to come."

The Guinness World Record Certificate will be displayed at the park for any visitors to see.