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NDSU and 119th Wing sign Memorandum of Agreement

The agreement will form opportunities for the two entities to partner for student success.

North Dakota State University has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the North Dakota Air National Guard.

The agreement aims to partner the two entities in better serving research, service, education and workforce needs in North Dakota.

Colonel Christopher Domitrivich is Commander of the North Dakota Air National Guard.

"The agreement instructs collaboration in which the Wing will share informational materials about opportunities at NDSU with members, and connect interested members with NDSU. And lastly, hold regular meetings with NDSU to discuss needs and solutions to address our shared goals."

Domitrivich signed the agreement with NDSU President Dr. David Cook at the 119th Wing in Fargo. President Cook says he’s thrilled with the opportunities.

"The outcomes of this agreement are really exciting, I think, for all of us in the room. Increased retention for both organizations, increased academic success for our NDSU military students, and increased professional success for the North Dakota Air National Guard, or the 119th Wing. And of course, increased collaborations between the two entities. I'm really excited to get this started."

Cook says the MOA will cement degree pathways, provide professional academic advising and minimize disruption for military students. He says the agreement paves the way for collaborations, and for service members to also be NDSU students.