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Wet Plate Photographs by Shane Balkowitsch


Tuesday, September 18 – Most of us have seen those old photographs from the 1800s of American Indians that have a distinctive quality, the result of an archaic process called wet glass plate photography. The practice has been revived by photo artist Shane Balkowistch, who is once again creating compelling images of Native Americans today. A showing of his work is on display at the Rourke art gallery in Moorhead.  Prairie Public’s Bill Thomas went to the opening and in addition to visiting with Balkowistch, he spoke with Native American Jason Morsette, who explains why he was proud to be part of the project. ~~~ Many rural areas don’t have access to high-speed internet service, but it should get better with the extra billion dollars the federal government plans to invest. For Harvest Public Media, Mary Hansen learned more about the costs of doing business across this digital divide.