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Warrior Women ~ Vietnam Veterans Oral Histories ~ Victory Gardens ~ Journalists Recall Covering War

Monday, November 11, 2019 –  November is Native American Heritage Month. Laura Youngbird is the Plains Art Museum's Director of Native American Programs. She helped organize a screening of "Warrior Women" about the women of the American Indian Movement. ~~~It’s Veterans Day today, and last year, Prairie Public partnered with the State Historical Society of North Dakota collecting oral history interviews of Vietnam vets. We share three excerpts from “Prairie Memories:  The Vietnam War Years.” ~~~ War efforts are not limited to soldiers and their families. On this Veterans Day, we look at two ways those on the home front help. In an excerpt from The Dakota Journalists Podcast, we hear from long-time newspaper journalists about their role in keeping the public informed. And gardening is a pretty peaceful activity. Learn the important parts it has played in both world wars with Markus Krueger, programming director with the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County.