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Minot's "Good Night Live" ~ Eliza Blue Essay ~ Matt and Scott on Film Composers


Tuesday, August 25, 2020 - “Good Night Live” is a classic late-night talk show with a North Dakota focus. Hosted by Jake Thrailkill, each live show features an opening monologue, interviews, performances and skits. Music is provided by the show’s house band, Myles Barcomb and The Sweet Dreams. Joining us is Jake Thrailkill, host of the show; and ShaunAnne Tangney, lead writer and associate producer. The next live show is Saturday in Minot, and you can watch it, and the previous shows, online. ~~~ Eliza Blue talks about the love, and fear, of horses in this month’s “Postcard from the Prairie.” ~~~ It takes a lot of people to get a film made. Of course actors and directors tend to get top billing for setting the tone of the film, but music is critical. It can get your heart beating, or swooning. Matt Olien is Main Street’s resident movie buff. Scott Prebys, host of Prebys on Classics and Prebys on Jazz on Prairie Public, is quite the music buff. Their worlds overlap in this conversation about some of their favorite film composers.