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New GIS maps designed to help planning in the oil patch

A new tool is available through the Department of Mineral Resources to help local governments make plans around drilling activity.

A new map available through the Department’s GIS mapping system shows drilling permit and drilling rig locations. It shows when a permit expires or can be renewed. And it identifies the operator.

Department spokesperson Alison Ritter says it also gives local leaders an idea where drilling rigs are headed next.

"We hope community leaders will use this tool to focus their efforts on where they may need for road maintenance or dust control, or even relocating school bus routes," said Ritter. "Now that we're switching to this efficiency phase of drilling,  it's safe to assume that these rigs will be on location for months at a time, And that means truck traffic will increase exponentially to that area."

The map can be found at www.dmr.nd.gov/oilgas.

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