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Williston builder says city transitioning to more single-family housing

The president of the North Dakota Association of Builders says he expects the demand for single-family housing will be growing in Williston.

Ken Callahan is from Williston. He says the city has received a lot of publicity lately because of very high rents. But Callahan says as more multi-family apartment projects are completed, the rents will start coming down.

Callahan says as the oil industry transitions to more production and less exploration, workers will move to Williston with their families. And he says the city is already seeing that.

"Last year, Williston saw 900 babies being born," said Callahan. "People don't realize the new workers are bringing their wives and kids. With 900 babies, doesn't that show the families are there?"

Callahan says that also means more infrastructure needs – and he says the region needs more state help.

"In a normal biennium, Williston would get $1 million to $1.5 million," said Callahan. "Last session, we got almost $60 million. But our needs were $231 million."

Callahan says the infrastructure needs continue to mount.

"In 2015, the city of Williston has zero dollars earmarked for infrastructure," said Callahan. "We're the fastest growing micropolitan city in the United States. We can't stop progress."

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