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Momos N More, Fargo

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India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka — there are many cuisines under South Asia’s umbrella. They’re savory, sweet, spicy, and colorful.

In Nepal, one of the most popular street foods is a dumpling called Momo (“Mo” means related to flour). Momos are steamed, or sometimes fried, with different fillings — vegetables, pork, chicken, yak, goat, etc. — and dipped in chutney.

On this Dakota Diners, Tom Brosseau heads to a Downtown Fargo Nepali restaurant called Momos N More for a visit with Brett Haddaway-Pokhrel. She and her husband, Prakash, are the owners of the fast-service restaurant that has been operating since late 2022, and has already become a Fargo favorite.

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