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"Where Are You From," A Conversation about Neurodiversity ~ Environmentalist and Climate Activist Bill McKibben

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Ashley, Heather, and John

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 - "Where are you from?" It's a normal question when it's about geography. But in the case of John David Berdahl, it was more about his headspace. Berdahl is autistic. He's asked that question so much, he started a podcast and web series to talk about Asperger's syndrome and neurodiversity. He joins us, along with his neurodivergent friend and web series guest, Heather Zinger. ~~~ In an excerpt from the Conversations on Healthcare Podcast, we hear from renowned writer, environmentalist and climate activist Bill McKibben, whose seminal 1989 book “The End of Nature” was among the first to warn of the climate crisis. He says if we don't pass President Biden’s reconciliation bill, which has the most sweeping climate change legislation ever proposed in the US, "we won't get another chance."