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Behavioral Health in Energy Country ~ Bluegrass at Cross Ranch

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Geoff Simon

Monday, June 12, 2023 - How big a problem is poor mental health for those working in the energy industry? It's a concern that will be explored in an upcoming "Summit on Behavioral Health in Energy Country" to be held in Dickinson. Joining us is Deb Nelson, administrator of the Vision West ND Consortium. Vision West ND is a non-profit seeking to address immediate, short-term needs in the state's energy producing region to meet growth management challenges and establish a diversified economy. ~~~ Sixteen young people who say the state of Montana isn’t doing enough to address climate change will get their day in court. The lawsuit argues that lack of action violates plaintiffs’ rights under the state Constitution. Ellis Julin of Montana Public Radio reports. ~~~ Yesterday’s episode of “Why, Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life” dealt with the issue of rights for animals. Well, what about rights for things like rivers? There’s a growing legal movement to grant rights for natural entities as we hear in a report from Harvest Public Media. ~~~ The Missouri River Bluegrass Festival is coming up! We get a preview from two of the organizers and performers, Jill Wiese and Juan Gelpi. ~~~ We also have another episode of Birdnote.