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Matt discusses a Netflix film that portrays Diana Nyad's legendary swim from Cuba to Florida, highlighting Annette Bening's portrayal of Nyad and Jodie Foster as her coach Bonnie Stoll. Both actresses received Oscar nominations for their roles, emphasizing the film's focus on Nyad's intense dedication and the challenges of her journey.

The directors, Elizabeth Chai Vasarly and Jimmy Chin, are commended for their successful transition from documentary to narrative filmmaking, particularly in the depiction of swimming scenes. The film is praised for its exploration of Nyad's complex personality and the dynamics of her relationship with Stoll, balancing the physical demands of the feat with the psychological and emotional toll on those involved. The review appreciates the film's nuanced approach to storytelling, avoiding a simplistic portrayal of Nyad's achievements and instead presenting a multifaceted view of her character and the impact of her obsession on her relationships and herself.