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Measure 5 backers say they have hundreds of endorsements

Dave Thompson
Prairie Public

Supporters of the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks initiated measure say they have received formal endorsements from more than 250 people across the state.

The measure – which is number 5 on the ballot – would take five percent of the oil extraction tax – and make it available for conservation grants.

"They represent tens of thousands of North Dakotans, from a wide variety and a good cross-section of people," said "Yes on 5" spokesperson Carmen Miller. "They include teachers, hunters, anglers, business owners, agricultural producers and members of the public health community."

Representatives of hunting groups, health care providers and businesses spoke at the news conference.

Mike Frolich owns the Laughing Sun Brewery Company in Bismarck. He says not only will the measure provide more recreational opportunities, it will provide clean water – and help prevent floods.

"We can clean our water naturally through wetlands, and we don't have to worry as much about flooding issues," said Frolich. "We wouldn't have to build as much of the flood prevention infrastructure."

Frolich says this measure is pro-active.

"We've been reactionary for a long tine," said Frolich. "This oil harvest is not going to be here forever. We have to take advantage of this and seyt aside some money to put into our park system, and invest in our children's children's children's future."

Opponents argue that it would be too much money from the oil tax – meaning less money for other needs. But supporters say there will be plenty of money to do it all.

Credit Dave Thompson / Prairie Public
Prairie Public
Laughing Sun owner Mike Frolich at a Bismarck news conference on Measure 5.

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