WSI announces benefit increases, premium dividend credits

Jul 1, 2014

Effective July first, injured workers in North Dakota will start receiving larger benefit checks.

Workforce Safety and Insurance says workers and their surviving spouses will receive a 4.1 percent cost-of-living adjustment. The new maximum benefit will be $1143 per week.

"With this increase, over the last couple of years, injured workers have received a 25 percent increase in their benefits," said WSI director Bryan Klipfel. "That's very good."

Klipfel also says more than 19-thousand North Dakota employers will also be receiving a 39 percent premium dividend credit. That amounts to $125 million.

"We (WSI) have been very responsible in investing the money that we have," said Klipfel. "Because of the rate of return, we have a good surplus."

Klipfel says it’s a reflection of North Dakota’s vibrant economy.