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May 23, 2021: Fifty and Forward


Sunday, May 23, at 5pm:

It's been a turbulent time, with a deadly pandemic and a chaotic political climate. In the midst of all this, NPR has marked a milestone; on May 3, 2021, the network turned 50 years old.


On the same day, in 1971, NPR started holding up our microphone to America. Just outside their doors, on the streets of Washington, DC, one of the biggest antiwar protests in American history was taking place. NPR's story is that of a ragtag network — born in the era of the Vietnam War and Watergate — one that came of age during the explosion of the 24/7 news cycle.


Listen to NPR’s Fifty and Forward special on Prairie Public on Sunday, May 23, at 5pm — or online anytime.

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