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Main Street Eats with Root Seller Sue

  • Hosted by Doug Hamilton, Ashley Thornberg, Sue Balcom

Sue Balcom, owner of the Root Sellers Farm, is a blogger, author of four books, farmer’s marketer, fabric artist, self-described bread head. And now, Sue is a regular guest on Main Street to talk with Doug and Ashley about community, family, and culinary traditions of North Dakota. For cool! Listen weekly on Main Street, or subscribe to the Main Street Eats with Root Seller Sue podcast on your favorite podcast app.

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Companion Planting

Jun 10, 2021

A discussion about companion planting, which refers to plants that share space well.

Sue Balcom discusses fertilizer tea on this week’s Main Street Eats.

Sue on Rhubarb

Jun 4, 2021
Creative Commons

Sue Balcom is here for our weekly segment titled “Main Street Eats.” Today she’s talking rhubarb.

Are your cookies spreading too much? Are they overly crisp? Too chewy? Sue Balcom troubleshoots our cooking baking woes.