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Poems for the Moment

Prairie Public asked North Dakota writers to select one of their poems to serve as a commentary on the current point in history. Poems for the Moment is a broadcast and podcast series and funded by a grant from the ND Humanities Council.

Denise Lajimodiere "We Carry the Last Century"

Nov 3, 2020

Denise Lajimodiere has a Covid-19 poem --listen or see it below.  Also, scroll down for information about her new book. 

We Carry the Last Century                                  

My father’s mother died
in the flu pandemic of 1918.
I know little about her,
as a child she survived
Indian wars, treaties, starvation,
forced to live on a newly
formed reservation.

Jamie Parsley


(after Bertold Brecht)

After these
dark times

will we
still sing?

Yes, we
will sing.

We will sing
loudly and clearly

about these
dark times.

Emily Vieweg -- "Jungle Gym"

Sep 28, 2020

Text of the poem is below.

More about Emily here.
and her new book here.

Jungle Gym 

I feel like I’m failing – 

galloping down a metal slide, 

thighs burning from the sticking –


Remember this feeling:

It is 98 degrees in St. Louis

in August and you are just trying 

to play at recess

when The Gorilla dares you to climb

Natalie Pierce, "A Note to Send Some Cheer"

Sep 3, 2020

Natalie Pierce
maintains a day-job as an urban planner and writes whenever she can.
She lives in rural Morton County with her husband and two sons. She is
a member of the Bis-Man Writer's Guild and is currently working on a
piece for The Art of Writing traveling exhibit.

Natalie was the first person to submit a poem for "Poems for the Moment", and it is amazing how the poem still works so well.  At some point this moment will become old news, but not yet.

Just a Note to Send Some Cheer