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  • There are a lot of cottonwood tree leaves lying in an area on the Lake Metigoshe hiking and biking trail. All of them are green with a large round growth, or gall, on the leave stalk or petiole. It made me wonder what was going on. So I had to do a little investigating.
  • Poison ivy occasionally comes up in conversation. The conversation is generally on how to identify this infamous plant. Perhaps a little refresher on identification might be helpful.
  • Have you been hearing this bird song this summer? We have been hearing these calls frequently this summer emanating from a small thick stand of aspen and shrubs. It sounds like there are several birds in there. But occasionally we get the opportunity to see the source, which is a catbird, or gray catbird to be more precise. No doubt some of you recognized the song.
  • The Dakota Skipper butterfly lives in tall-grass prairie, and is found mostly in Illinois, Minnesota, the Dakotas, and southern Canada. The species is currently considered “threatened,” as its natural habitat continues to change. Ben South, supervisor at the Dakota Prairie Grasslands, is studying how the Grasslands can be returned to a state that allows these butterflies to thrive.
  • I suspect that when most people hear of Devils Lake they may think of all the tremendous fishing the lake provides. But do not forget that the Devils Lake area is a great place to observe the flora and fauna of our region as well.
  • These warm summer nights are good times to get out and do some star gazing and perhaps learn some new constellations. We are heading toward a new moon on…
  • I have heard about someone getting quite excited recently about seeing a scarlet tanager in Turtle Mountain. Scarlet tanagers, as the name implies are…
  • Summer will officially arrive this Sunday. The summer solstice will occur on Sunday, June 20, at 10:32pm CT. The summer solstice, of course, is when the…
  • We have had a red-bellied woodpecker in the neighborhood. It is hard to say how long it will stick around, but I have managed a good look at it a couple…
  • I recently saw a few photographs of some impressive walleye taken from the Missouri River this spring in the vicinity of Bismarck. Walleye are undoubtedly…