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Bride Marries Best Man


Try to picture this: You’re on a train. Sitting in front of you is a bride-to-be, along with her bridesmaid. Seated nearby are the groom, his aunt and his best man. The bridal party is heading down the line for the wedding.

Soon the bride starts crying. Then the groom starts crying, and takes a seat in the corner of the car by himself. You watch as the bride-to-be walks over to consol him.

Turns out she loves the best man. The teary-eyed groom agrees to let his bride-to-be marry the best man.

by Dave Seifert

This strange but entertaining event was reported by D.E. Morden, while traveling aboard the Great Northern’s tri-weekly run from Wahpeton to Fargo on this date in 1905.The Wahpeton Gazette, as reported by The Fargo Forum and Daily Republican, Saturday Evening, December 16, 1905. Pg. 16