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Stereopticons Used by School Superintendents


.... with our final essay for Education Week.

In today's modern schools, students and teachers have access to great technologies like SmartBoards and PowerPoint programs. In 1916, school superintendents in North Dakota experimented with multimedia presentations too, using one of the latest and greatest technologies of the time: the stereopticon. "The stereopticon in North Dakota has been found to be of great use to county superintendents of schools as a means of showing in graphic form the various school improvements in their communities," said Professor A.P. Hollis. The superintendents hoped that with the devices, they could demonstrate contrasts in the quality of North Dakota schools. For example, showing an image of the county's poorest school and then immediately changing to a slide of the county's best school to really drive home the contrast.

Dakota Datebook written by Carol Wilson


White Earth Record, March 3, 1916.