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Presidential Adoption


On this date in 1927, the Sioux County Pioneer reported that President Calvin Coolidge would be adopted into the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Chief Chauncey Yellow Robe, a descendant of Sitting Bull, suggested that the Sioux tribe honor Coolidge for his advocacy of tribal rights and welfare. In 1924, Coolidge had passed the Indian Citizen Act, granting automatic U.S. citizenship to all Native American tribal members. The president opposed persecution of Native Americans on “personal moral grounds” and sought to improve conditions on the reservations. In August of 1927, he was honored during a naming ceremony and adopted into the tribe as an honorary member. He was given a ceremonial headdress by Chief Henry Standing Bear and granted the name Chief White Eagle.

Dakota Datebook written by Jayme Job





Sioux County Pioneer – Arrow, Vol 22 (14) “Coolidge was Adopted Member of Sioux Tribe.” Friday, January 13, 1933: Fort Yates, North Dakota.