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Dakota Diners: Fairdale Café

Fairdale Cafe
Andrew Filer
Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.
Fairdale Cafe

Host Tom Brosseau writes:

"Not too long ago I received a note from a Mr. Stevens. A very nice note, stating that I oughta take a trip to Fairdale, North Dakota, for Dakota Diners. Mr. Stevens has family ties to Fairdale. There’s a café there called The Fairdale Café — it’s the last standing business in town. Mr. Stevens went on to say that there’s a famous Thursday lunch served at the café that the Norwegian farmers love called Klub, a traditional Norwegian dumpling meal made of potatoes, flour, and eggs. Typically, one drizzles drawn butter over it. It’s hearty, hot, and delicious. Thanks for the note, Mr. Stevens. I appreciate it."

On today’s Dakota Diners, Tom takes a trip to the Fairdale Café. It’s in the northeast part of the state, in Walsh County. Population: 25. Listen to Tom's friendly visit with Fairdale Café owner, Shiela Myrvik, as they talk about that famous Thursday Klub lunch special, and what it was like to run the café through the pandemic.

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