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Throwing Rocks: Crosby Curling Club

Crosby Curling Club
Tom Brosseau
Prairie Public
Crosby Curling Club

The Crosby Curling Club has been “throwing rocks” for 61 years and counting — making it likely the oldest curling club in North Dakota.

Tom Brosseau traveled to the northwest corner of the state to meet with Crosby Curling Club member and board member Josh Bummer. Josh, who is a farmer as well as a curler, is passionate about the sport. Listen to their conversation above.

Throwing Rocks: The Curling Clubs of North Dakota is a new, recurring segment on The Great American Folk Show. Host Tom Brosseau is on a mission to interview every curling club in North Dakota — he wants to learn how the sport came to the United States, the rules of the game, and the history of curling clubs in our state. Stay tuned for more!

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