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Bank Robbery

  • North Dakota saw a rash of bank robberies in 1935 and 1936 in Denhoff, Zap, Cummings, New Leipzig, Dickey and Maddock. In the Denhoff case, the robbers must have gotten spooked, because two boys found loot from the Denhoff robbery in a haystack!
  • In 1921, 18-year-old Loraine Nolan robbed the Tokio State Bank in Benson County. Loraine was the son of Thomas Nolan, a farmer. The Nolans had a good reputation, until the robbery. They were highly respected in Tokio and Loraine was said to be an intelligent young man. Loraine enjoyed Wild West novels and films, which would later be considered as the inspiration for his crime.
  • Authorities took only two days to close a case of bank robbery that occurred on this date in 1931. Twenty-three-year-old mechanic Otto Krueger, who…