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  • Tracy Hsu is a horse trainer and captain of the popular carriage rides that clop down Main Street in Medora. Tom Brosseau hops on the carriage to chat with Tracy about her background in horse training, growing up in Elgin, and more.
  • On this date in 2000 the Bismarck Tribune announced that some of the best Appaloosa horses in the world could be found in North Dakota. One of the premier horse magazines, Western Horseman, had just published a profile on the Sheldak Ranch, where prize winning Appaloosas were bred. This was the first time the famous magazine had profiled an Appaloosa ranch. The breed was developed by the Nez Perce Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest, and is distinctive for its spots, usually just on the rump.
  • On this day in 1917, an article appeared in the Bismarck Weekly Tribune with a dramatic headline saying, “Horse Has Revenge Upon Motor Car in Hoof and Wheel Bout.”
  • To combat North Dakota’s western equine encephalitis epidemic in 1941, health authorities recommended that farm workers wear mesh veils, gloves and ankle…
  • On this date in 1915, North Dakota news centered on the opening of the state fair in Grand Forks. Weather predictions promised perfect conditions, and…
  • The first farm tractors, developed in the late 1800s, were steam engines. In 1892, an Iowa man received a patent for a gasoline powered tractor. That…
  • On this date in 1914 war raged in Europe. America was not yet directly involved, but the conflict provided an economic opportunity. European imports would…