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ballot initiative petitions

A Berthold lawmaker  wants to limit initiated state Constitutional amendments to one subject.

Rep. Clayton Fegley (R-Berthold) said this is in response to an initiated amendment that would have, among other things, established open primaries, ranked-choice voting and a change in redistricting procedures. It was Measure 3 on the November ballot – but was thrown out through court action.

"Each section of Measure 3 should  have been bvoted on individually," Fegley said. "People wouldn't have to pick and choose."

Supco to decide if Measure 3 will be on the ballot

Aug 21, 2020

The North Dakota Supreme Court is being asked to decide whether Measure Three should be on the ballot this fall.

The measure is a state Constitutional amendment, put on the ballot by initiative. It is wide-ranging, covering state election laws. It would, in part, create Legislative sub-districts for members of the North Dakota House, allow “approval voting,” do away with party primaries, and would put redistricting in the hands of the new state Ethics Commission.

A Senate committee is looking at a Constitutional change that its supporter says would make it tougher to get an initiated Constitutional measure on the ballot.

Petition reflects new state law changes

Sep 3, 2013

Secretary of State Al Jaeger says a initiative petition to create a new natural resources fund is the first to reflect new state laws regarding petitions.

Jaeger says the changes were approved by the 2013 Legislature. One requires a person signing the petition to print his or her name next to that signature.

Limits on initiated Constitutional measures proposed

Apr 24, 2013

North Dakota voters will be asked to approve a Constitutional amendment that would put some restrictions on initiated measures that spend money.

The resolution says initiated measures that spend money need to be voted-on in the General Election, not the primary. And it says that proposed Constitutional amendments that set up continuing appropriations would not be allowed at all.

Jaeger: Add 30 days to filing time for initiatives

Apr 2, 2013

Secretary of State Al Jaeger says adding another 30 days to the time when initiative petitions need to be filed with his office will make sure there’s enough time to review the signatures, as well as give the sponsoring committee time to file any legal challenges – and for the state Supreme Court to rule on any of those challenges.

Initiative and referendum requirements debated

Mar 6, 2013
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The House Judiciary Committee is studying a proposed Constitutional amendment that could make it tougher to get citizen initiatives and referrals on the ballot.

House Majority Leader Al Carlson’s (R-Fargo) measure would require the sponsors to get three percent of the number of eligible voters to sign a petition before it’s put on the ballot. That would increase the number to just over 20-thousand. Right now, the requirement is two percent, or about 13-thousand-500 signatures. Carlson’s measure would require signatures from 27 of the state’s 53 counties as well.

A State Senator there should be legislative review of initiated measures that have a financial impact on the state.

NDSU football players charged with petition fraud

Sep 4, 2012

Eleven people have been charged with filing false statements and petition fraud – and eight of them are NDSU football players.