Emergency personnel hold tornado disaster drill

Mar 8, 2016
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

State and local emergency personnel participated in a severe storm emergency exercise Monday

The scenario: An EF-3 tornado has devastated the city of Devils Lake. And the agencies worked on their response to that. The lesson: Be prepared.

Echoes of 1997?

Jan 4, 2013

Former North Dakota Congressman Earl Pomeroy says he can relate to the anger and frustration felt by New York and New Jersey members of Congress – over the delay in Congressional action on Hurricane Sandy relief.

House speaker John Boehner canceled a vote on a $60-billion aid package. That vote was supposed to happen right after the “fiscal cliff” bill was passed.

Frustration over the farm bill

Aug 21, 2012

The president of the North Dakota Grain Growers has harsh words for the US House of Representatives.

"I'll tell you something -- if you had employees, and they weren't getting the job done, I don't think you'd give them a six-week vacation," said Dan Wogsland. "Congress decided to give itself a six week vacation. They've got some work to do."

Wogsland says Congress needs to pass a farm bill. The current farm bill expires Sept. 30th.