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House adds $8.1 million for snow removal and flood fighting in non-oil counties


A House committee has added $8.1 million to the budget bill for the National Guard.

The money is designed to provide financial help for townships in non-oil producing counties for snow removal and flooding.

Rep.Don Vigesaa (R-Cooperstown) said the counties need the help.

"They had 80-100 inches of snow," Vigesaa said. "Now their roads are washing out."

Vigesaa said the counties are now dealing with overland flooding, affecting county and township roads.

"We just felt it was helpful to see what we could do for those counties," Vigesaa said. "It's been a tough winter."

Vigesaa said each township will receive $5000.

The House approved the amendment. If the full budget bill passes, it will go back to the Senate to see if it agrees.

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