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Ronnie Wood

It's an Mmmmmboppin Halloween for the California sister trio HAIM, or for a day, HAIMson. Este, Danielle and Alana dress up in blonde wigs as Isaac, Taylor and Zaz for a mimed rendition of Hanson's mega catchy hit in a new video.  "Baby It's Cold Outside" gets a badly needed update and transforms a creepy-at-best holiday (shunned?) staple into a loving ode to consent in a new version by John Legend & Kelly Clarkson. Keith Richards may own the title of Rolling Stone with Nine Lives, but his fellow bandmate Ronnie Wood can count himself lucky too. The current Stone and ex-Faces guitarist is the subject of a new documentary, the accurately-titled Somebody Up There Likes Me, which chronicles his very rock & roll lifestyle and his recovery from longtime addictions. 


Ringo Starr and Ronnie Wood join Paul McCartney at his London gig last night for a spirited rendition of "Get Back," Russian Prez Vladimir Putin doesn't want to ban rap music, just control it and Taylor Swift employs facial recognition software at one of her concerts to combat stalkers.