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Workers Comp claims dropped as oil industry slows

Oct 12, 2016

The number of workers compensation claims in North Dakota has dropped since 2014 – and the head of Workforce Safety and Insurance said it shows the weakness in the oil industry.

"Fiscal year 2014 was the peak of our filed claims," said WSI director Bryan Klipfel. "We had 26,500 claims filed. In fiscal 2016, which ended June 30th, we were down 5000 claims, to 21,300."

Klipfel said the amount of claims from out of state workers also dropped dramatically.

WSI director: Complaints are down

Sep 17, 2015

An interim Legislative committee will again hear complaints and concerns about how the state’s Workforce Safety and insurance agency handles workers compensation claims.

The Workers Compensation Review Committee has been around for a number of years.

"During that time, they had about 15 workers talk about their claims, and see if the committee could do anything legislatively or by policy," said WSI executive director and CEO Bryan Klipfel. "Last biennium, only one employee came through."

Klipfel says that might be an indicator that things are getting better.

Workers compensation premiums to rise slightly

Aug 20, 2015

North Dakota businesses will see their workers compensation insurance rate go up by about 5 percent.

Workforce Safety and Insurance director Bryan Klipfel says the base rate will go up an average of 1-point-two percent. But he says it also goes up because the average weekly wage also went up.

“We have 141 rate classes," said Klipfel. "Out of those, we had 68 rate classes going up, 65 rate classes going down, and 7 remained the same.”

The new rates took effect July First.

Effective July first, injured workers in North Dakota will start receiving larger benefit checks.

Workforce Safety and Insurance says workers and their surviving spouses will receive a 4.1 percent cost-of-living adjustment. The new maximum benefit will be $1143 per week.

"With this increase, over the last couple of years, injured workers have received a 25 percent increase in their benefits," said WSI director Bryan Klipfel. "That's very good."