Bridging the Dental Gap ~ Scientist and Author Tory Christie ~ Applying Poker Strategies to Life

Feb 7, 2018

Photo from Bridging the Dental Gap website.

Wednesday, February 7 – Bridging the Dental Gap serves patients struggling to afford proper dental care in the Bismarck area. It’s one of the many charities participating in Giving Hearts Day. We visit with Mary Tello-Pool, president of the board of directors. ~~~ Author Tory Christie is a scientist and the author of the Curious McCarthy series for children. She’s Barb Gravel’s guest on this week’s Prairie Pulse. ~~~ There’s a new federal mandate for truckers to electronically track the number of hours they’re on the road, but livestock haulers say it could put animals at risk and lead to more expensive meat. For Harvest Public Media, Ben Kuebrich reports. ~~~ One of the most famous women in professional poker is Annie Duke. Using the lessons of poker, she’s become a decision strategist and leadership consultant. Her approach has culminated in a book titled, “Thinking in Bets, Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts.”