Confidential informants bill passes House after a re-tool

Apr 18, 2017

Rep. Terry Jones (R-New Town).
Credit ND Legislature

The House has passed a retooled “Andrew’s Law” – deigned to protect confidential informants.

It was introduced after State College of Science Student Andrew Sadek’s body was found in the Red River. He had been acting as an informant – and his parents believe he was murdered.

New Town Republican Representative Terry Jones was on the conference committee that worked out the final version of the bill. He told the House informants will now have protections.

"There's training for law enforcement who use confidential informants," Jones said. "There's an audit provision to make sure everyone is safe and properly documented. Minors have to have legal counsel before they can be used. And if an informant is killed, the case will be investigated by an independent law enforcement agency."

It passed the House unanimously – and the Senate will next take it up.