House says 'no' to parking meters

Apr 13, 2017

Rep. Jim Grueneich (R-Jamestown).
Credit ND Legislature

Rep. Jom Kasper (R-Fargo).
Credit ND Legislature

The House has said “no” to parking meters.

The meters have been banned in North Dakota since the 1950s. The House had earlier amended the bill – saying parking meters could be allowed in a city if voters okay it. But a conference committee  came back with the original Senate language – allowing that decision to be made by local elected officials.

Rep. Jim Grueneich (R-Jamestown) said he doubted whether many cities would install parking meters.

"But we're in a time where budgets are strained, and cities are looking at potential ways to generate revenue," Grueneich told his House colleagues. "This may be a vehicle for them to do it."

Rep. Jim Kasper (R-Fargo) said in his city, the only people who want parking meters are the five members of the Fargo City Commission.

"There's been no hue and cry that I've ever heard about having parking meters in our city of Fargo or in our state, except for the people who want to collect more money," Kasper said. "I think this is an indirect tax."

The bill was killed on a 59 to 29 vote.