Minot is #4 college town in the country

Aug 18, 2017

The city of Minot was recently named the #4 college town in the country by a higher education website.

Brad Bennion is site editor for Schools.com. He says towns were considered based on populations of less than 150-thousand people with at least one college in it, and were compared on many different aspects.

"We took things like, percentage of the population that was college aged - so people 18 to 34, and people with a bachelor's degree over the age of 25, including things like unemployment rate and hard to quantify things like average travel time - so if your travel time was less than 30 minutes. And, how easy it was to walk around the city; is it a really walkable town or do you have to drive to do your groceries?"

Bennion says in Minot a college education can be obtained at an affordable rate, the city offers a lot of nightlife and activities, as well as affordable housing and a low unemployment rate. And he says once students attain their degree at Minot State University, they may consider the community an attractive place to stay.