ND Family Advancing Alzheimer's Disease Research ~ Coal Regulations ~ Catfishing Expert

Mar 6, 2017

Monday, March 6 – A Tioga, North Dakota family is featured in “The Inheritance, a Family on the Front Lines of the Battle Against Alzheimer’s Disease.” Five out of six siblings in the DeMoe family inherited genetic pre-disposition for early-onset Alzheimer’s. Author Niki Kapsambelis shares their story, including their participation in a worldwide study that could change the landscape of Alzheimer’s research. ~~~ Our March 6 episode of “Uppity Women in History” tells the story of Pauline Leon, who, in 1792, addressed the National Assembly in France on behalf of Parisian women, suggesting that a female militia be formed so that women could protect their homes from counter-revolutionary assaults. ~~~ The President is soon expected to issue executive actions to ease regulations affecting the coal industry. Inside Energy’s Dan Boyce has more. ~~~ Not everybody considers catfish ideal angling, but catfish are highly sought after in some parts of the country, and you’ll find plenty of enthusiasts in this region, too. There’s even quite a history of people along the Red River getting by on catfish during tough winters back in the day. Tomorrow in Fargo, the River Keepers organization is presenting “Advanced Catfishing Made Easy,” a seminar by our guest, Grand Forks catfishing expert Brad Durick.