New water commission members meet for the first time

Aug 24, 2017

State Water Commission meeting 8-23-17.
Credit Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Gov. Doug Burgum welcomed the seven new members of the state Water Commission to their first meeting.

Burgum replaced the previous seven appointees with new members who represent each of the identified seven watersheds in North Dakota.

The seven new members are: Jason Zimmerman of Minot, representing the Mouse River basin; Mark Owan of Williston, the Upper Missouri; Leander "Russ" McDonald of Bismarck, the Lower Missouri; Richard Johnson of Devils Lake, the Devils Lake basin; Katie Anderson of Jamestown, James River; Mathew Pederson of Valley City, the Upper Red River; and Michael Anderson of Hillsboro, the Lower Red River.

"We've got people who understand municipal water, rural water, regional water systems," Burgum said. "They have front line understanding of flooding. They understand agriculture and the rural parts of our state."

Burgum said the new members have all dealt with water boards, and with state and federal agencies.

"While we have a new board, they're not new to water," Burgum said.

The Governor also acknowledged the service of the former Water Commission members, some of whom had served on the Commission for decades.